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The Importance of a Well Designed Landing Page

Find any thriving online business, and you’re sure to find a well designed landing page. What is a landing page exactly? A landing page is essentially the first page that a visitor to your website will see, it can range from a product details page to your company’s home page. Think of the traffic to your website as fish, and your landing page as the net. The finer the mesh on the net, the more fish you’ll be able to catch. That is the essential purpose of a landing page, to convert internet traffic to your site into business for your company.

A well designed landing page is essential in increasing the conversion rate of traffic to your website. One should not underestimate the visual impact that your layout will have on a prospective customer that has just entered your site. If you do not capture their interest in the first few seconds of their visit, they will move on. Unfortunately, getting that winning design to mesh with the descriptions of your services is not as easy as it sounds. For instance, every great landing page needs a great headline. However, getting the length of the headline just right is something that requires finesse; it can’t be too long or too short. Similarly you need a great sub-headline that sounds professional and illustrates exactly what is your company does. It doesn’t end there, there are a myriad of little intricacies that need to be just right. A strong and relevant logo, a clear and concise description of your product and services, supporting visuals, pricing information, images of the products; all of this while not bogging down the page with text. Certainly where landing pages are concerned, less is more. This is why the design of your website should not be taken lightly, an aesthetic website layout is a tangible asset that will increase the conversion of your website traffic into revenue for your business.

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