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Ecommerce for the 2020 Generation


One of my favorite people in the world got his ecommerce start, in a fun, smart, borderline crazy way: he discovered a unique demand online for certain items (can’t give it away!) that could be found at your average garage sale or flea market. He’d buy them, sell them on ebay, and make a handsome profit on the exchange.

That was a long time ago, when ecommerce was a new tool for consumers and businesses alike, the concept of a sales portal still a long way off. Today, ecommerce is a necessity for every kind of organization, a way to reach out directly to your partners, customers, and expand your business (and brand!) exponentially.

So now that we’ve gone from the flea market to the mainstream, the obvious question becomes: what’s next? What will another decade bring to the world of ecommerce? Here’s a few predictions I’m stepping out on a limb to make, and welcome any additions or questions from the readers here.

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