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WARNING! Read This Before You Hire Your Web Company

How can you possibly choose the right web company for the job when you get approached by so many companies claiming to provide the same services.

All these companies sounds like they offer the same thing so why not choose the company that says something like they provide the best Web Development, Web Design, Online Store or Mobile App and their price is so low it has to be the right choice, Right?

Well here are some things to think about. If your at the corner car dealership and the salesman there is trying to sell you a 2017 7 series BMW that has really low miles for 5k it probably will only work to drive it off the lot before the problems start rolling in.

So what sets companies apart from each other and how do I make the right decision?

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Is the company experienced enough and do they have a portfolio, references and reviews to back up their claim?
  • Will that company once you give them money not be around to answer your calls/emails, will deadlines be missed and the project destroyed for the lack of the customer service you need to be successful?
  • The price is so good to be true is there something wrong here?


Low End Quotes – They are not qualified to do the job and most of the time these quotes do not mean what they say because if they can’t do the job and do not have the work history to back up their claims you could be just throwing away money.

Example of this – a client of ours spent money thinking they would be getting the best online store in the world because the price was so good. After 18 months of no results and a website that was still not live they found us, begging us to give them a deal to fix their problem.  Of course we offered to help at the lowest price we possibly could have got it done for. However, the client still threw away 1,000s on nothing and couldn’t get a hold of the Web company after payment was made or even during the project. That customer now opened up three new sales markets and is averaging an additional $2,000 a day using solutions we provided them.


High End Quotes – Your just a number and money to meet their quotas for the quarter.  You will not be able to have someone one the phone, email or instant messenger when you need them and they won’t be really be part of your team.  These guys won’t talk to you for anything under 10k. You will get the quality of work you need to succeed but with non personable customer service and for really high costs.

Here is a list of the biggest web companies in the US. Try this out and call these big companies for a quote for your job.  They will say If you do not have a scope of work you will need to pay hourly just to have a conversation with them.

  1. http://www.bluefountainmedia.com/
  2. https://bigdropinc.com/
  3. http://www.forixcommerce.com
  4. https://www.hudsonintegrated.com/
  5. http://www.fyresite.com/
  6. http://www.willowtreeapps.com/
  7. http://imagexmedia.com/
  8. http://www.icreon.us/
  9.  http://www.intellectsoft.net
  10. http://www.followbright.com/


Here at CodeMedia 360 we understand your need to pay the best price for the best product and that you want to be considered important and feel that your web company truly cares about your success.

That’s why CodeMedia 360 will beat any quote given by the companies listed above, give you better personable customer service and provide the same quality of work.

We guarantee our work 100% and will be around when ever you need us to help give your idea or company the best tools and guidance for success.


Contact us today and you will know right away that you have called the right web company for the job.

Telephone: 310-775-1883,  E-mail: info@codemedia360.com

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